Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have not posted in a while and have been reflecting and adjusting to the ever present constant change. I believe that the love of change is what propels my personal growth. My topic here is BELIEF and that is initiative 7 out of 9. I am still in the beginning stages of my blog and hope to be more consistent.
Belief is directly tied to my first initiative - purpose. It is most important when developing a concept, when moving an idea forward and anytime there is common purpose as a desire. If there is to be collaboration, contribution and understanding then believing in why you do what you do is a fundamental necessity.
Simon Sinek in his TED presentation titled "Great Leaders Inspire Action" states "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." You relate to people who believe what you believe...
A collaborative approach is the new model for business based on a belief that a group as a whole unit will contribute many different and unique perspectives to push an idea forward. The talents and strengths of many provide an exciting opportunity to be creative and innovative.
Here are some concepts to cultivate belief:

  • intrinsic motivation...because it matters
  • increase connectivity
  • leadership...invokes the innovation in others
  • communication...understand and appreciate
  • perspective...different ways of seeing the same thing
Believe in yourself, believe in those that empower and inspire, believe that whatever your purpose you can make a difference.

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