Sunday, February 20, 2011


Life is ever changing and evolving, Love is ever present and powerful. I have found that there are certain words that I associate with love, however they are only words. Words are then turned into feelings and then feelings into experiences...experiences shape our lives...all focused on love and with love...

  • unconditional
  • surrounding
  • exhilarating
  • gratitude
  • appreciation
  • acceptance
  • energy
  • passion
  • abundance
  • timelessness
  • transcendence 
  • empowerment
A vibration and resonance that attracts and magnetizes with no conditions. Relationships that are formed with passion and energy. An exhilarating feeling that empowers and transcends.
Where there is love there is a sense of purpose and belief. I love to share, I love to empower, I have gratitude. About allows us to live a simpler more minimalistic life, appreciating the things that matter most. Bring gratitude to every experience instead of waiting for a good experience to be grateful for. 
Love is Liberation, it's freedom from possessions, it's freedom from ego, it is pure, it is human, it transforms and manifests in an abundance mentality. 
Your authentic self shows up when there is pure love. Here is a passage from James Park New Ways of Loving: How Authenticity Transforms Relationships 

Which comes first, love or need?
Do our inner deficiencies and hungers drive us to search for satisfiers
or does our wonder and appreciation for the persons we love
emerge out of actual loving experiences together?
Probably we used to believe that innate needs were primary,
that before we would even think of beginning a relationship,
we must have a 
need for it—"Why else would anyone love?"
But perhaps we have discovered that the best gifts of love
emerge unexpectedly in real encounters with actual persons.
We had our 
pre-existing needs when we were still lonely individuals,
but the 
emergent values only appeared as the result of active loving.

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Love you...

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  1. This is a well-written article with a good insight into love. Love is greater than the sum of it's parts. New values and needs emerge out of love.