Monday, September 2, 2013

Creating Collaborative Partnerships...A New Day

 How to create collaboration within a company while driving revenue to its bottom line…

It is more than a mere statement, more than words. Collaboration is at the heart of the new flat company. It is the engine that powers the creativity, the cohesive force, solidifying the "all in" mentality. In order to drive revenue to a bottom line, we generate top line growth. Growing revenue starts with people and collaboration is the catalyst.

So how do we work together within our own company and incorporate others? Here is the dictionary definition:

col·lab·o·rate/ kəˈlabəˌrāt /verb
verb: collaborate; 3rd person present: collaborates; past tense: collaborated; past participle: collaborated; gerund or present participle: collaborating
  1. work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something.
"he collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs"
synonyms:        co-operate, join forces, team up, band together, work together, participate, combine, ally; pool resources, put —— heads together
"they collaborated on the project"
  1. cooperate traitorously with an enemy.
"the indigenous elite who collaborated with the colonizers"
synonyms:        collude, conspire, fraternize, co-operate, consort, sympathize; informal, be in cahoots
"they collaborated with the enemy"

  1. We work together to produce/create something. As realtors this includes our own team and our own company primarily; then others from other companies and from ancillary services. This serves all as a resource for our talents, skills and specialties. Everyone brings something unique to the table regardless of their company. We then exchange ideas to improve our effectiveness within our specialty.
  2. As competitive as we all are (or not) collaboration may be interpreted as a negative aspect of business. There are no secrets folks, just ideas that will impact each other. There are no accidents only incidents.

My perspective on a Creating Collaborative Partnerships:

  • Have a flexible mind. Please read
  • Have an "all in" passion
  • Believe in your partners and your purpose
  • Respect difference…celebrate love
  • Be present/be in the moment
  • Be willing to share/contribute…unconditionally
  • Be aware OR beware
  • Possibilities are endless
  • Use language mindfully

My perspective on driving revenue:

  • Educate/advocate/represent consumers/clients
  • Create a complete moving experience through extraordinary service
  • Communicate…consistently, promptly
  • Develop/maintain relationships with your sphere of influence
  • Track everything - income, expenses, transactions, leads, referrals…
  • Be responsive to the needs of others
  • Understand your strengths and utilize them
  • Have confidence and competence
  • Focus to fill the pipeline
  • Be efficiently effective with time, energy

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