Sunday, July 21, 2013

Does this make sense?

Life is a sensory journey, a journey shared, a journey alone
We experience and are aware of all that surrounds us
We become one with each other and evolve

The senses, sight, smell, taste, sound and touch, obvious to all are the beginning of the awareness necessary to relate, communicate, connect.
Expand your sense and realize the emotional impact.


Emotions, feelings…truth…the authentic, unconditional you
The sensual presence…seductive, provocative, attractive
The sensitive self…human, vulnerable, fearless
The sensational you…effusive, compelling, magnetic

All a path to acceptance of others, the world…life

Does this make sense? How is your sense common? It's not, it's shared. It’s an ever-present, ever-changing sense that is uniquely you.
A force of life,  sensitive, sensual and sensational.


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