Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello 2014...we are 2 weeks "in"

Being "in" is not just another way of saying that you are hip, cool, trendy...it's being awake, alive, aware...

This year my "in" is focused on those concepts which allow us to look within, accept ourselves and empower others.

INTROSPECTIVE - to look within for perspective
INTERNALIZE - determine belief & faith
INFLUENCE - impact 
INTUITIVE - a keen awareness 
INTROVERSION - the art of being OK with being alone with yourself
INVOLVE - to share & collaborate
INNATE - natural talent & strength
INSTINCTUAL - ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment
INNOVATIVE - express your creativity
INSPIRE - allowing others to self discover
INCLUSIVE - connection
INTENSITY - passion & spontaneity 
INDIVIDUAL - autonomy, mastery, purpose

The "in" crowd is present and mindful...
The "in" crowd is self assured...
Your "in"troduction to 2014...
Have an "in"credible year!

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