Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The Art of Cooking and preparing meals is my innovation,  it involves strategy/preparing, execution/skill and love/passion. It is a time that my authentic self is captured in a process that yields something to be taken internally and therefore becomes a part of the recipient. A delicious sensory experience shared by all who are invited to sit at the table. The highest form of sharing my love, an ingested sentiment, and often taken for granted talent as just another meal providing nourishment...or just an invite to celebrate...A NOW experience.
The opportunity to dine with others, share a meal, submerge in culinary art is a privilege. Awareness of the passion for creating, serving and sharing with others is weaved into the fabric of life. A recipe is created, food is carefully crafted into that sensory experience and people are gathered to enjoy.
Take this journey with me wherever it leads...

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