Monday, May 20, 2013


At what point do we remove ourselves from the constant busy-ness of daily life? At what point are we no longer engaged? At what point is our mission so intensely focused that we seem to be swimming in a sea of blackness and that one laser point of light is miles away?

The decision to be engaged and dedicated to only one thing is a noble concept, a valiant effort, a romantic ideal to live out our life's purpose and is there any detriment?

The mission, honesty speaking, may be perceived as an egotistical appendage like some vanities, self serving and anti-contributory.There is a sense of aloneness in the awareness that once a participant in something so intense has now shifted its direction. It is,in all actuality, a  release from the importance once thought to be truth.The mission usurps with all its newness and grandeur and logistics. All other possibilities and ideas are relinquished to a shelf residing in memory.

AWARENESS of humanity and all its idiosyncrasies is an indicator that unconditional love prevails. I am not so sure how or why, what I am sure of is that it is different. The connection is now different, the dynamics are now different however the dedication remains the same. When others are engaged, able to be a support, and walk with each other, this creates a bond that elevates the cause. Simple appreciation and gratitude each and every moment sustains and maintains a relationship now so different.

Run towards your purpose with wild out idealism...I'll always be engaged.

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