Sunday, January 16, 2011


People ~ the third initiative and perhaps the most integral and  intriguing component. Awareness is achieved through understanding and appreciation and being your authentic self. There is so much to be said about authenticity. I am so PASSIONATE about BEING AUTHENTIC so I will share some of my discoveries that I feel determine how vitally important PEOPLE are in elevating self discovery into awareness:
  • Everyone's life purpose is deeply interwoven with the identity of their authentic self, this is where your gifts lie
  • Everyone has specific strengths,  a communication style,  unique personalities and behaviors and a certain fascination factor
  • Intrinsic value is authentically purposeful 
  • We are all human, unique, irreplaceable, singular
  • Our differences are what makes us great
  • Relationships offer insight into yourself
  • Leaders will lead others to lead themselves
  • Everywhere you go, there you are ~ a Zen saying
So ~  relate, inspire, empower, teach, learn, listen, contribute, collaborate,fascinate, appreciate, understand, love...

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